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If you tag someone on Twitter saying that you're following them, chances are they will do the same back. Appreciating that young girls look up to her as a success story, she reveals that many believe they can just take a few nudes and gain thousands of subscribers, and whilst that might happen for the first few months, if they don’t "up their game" soon, subscribers will go elsewhere. I will send the $15 first and upon confirmation of onlyfans wallet balance, I will send the remaining $5. OnlyFans is perhaps most known for hosting erotic content, having blown up among sex workers during quarantine. Popular opinion of OnlyFans is that it is a great site for adult performers and sex workers as, unlike more unethical forms of sex work, it is the performer who has direct control and decides their working regulations on their terms. OnlyFans must do more to ensure their site is safe and the regulations are being abided to. ". Sexualising your body can quickly go from being something fun and empowering, to a stressful way to earn a living with detrimental effects to mental health.

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