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From OnlyFans to TikTok, several celebrities - like the actor Michael B. Jordan or the French dancer Fauve Hautot - not to mention brands, are seizing the power of social media to launch initiatives in aid of good causes. Some people, on the other hand, said that this is too much and celebrities should stop with this nonsense. Huldt's subscribers expect new material every day, but she said running a successful OnlyFans Leak is as much about good communication as X-rated content. With the pandemic has forced brands to rethink how they connect with consumers, Datt says OnlyFans is uniquely positioned in its ability to create personalised, digital experiences to maintain and strengthen those relationships. "OnlyFans is powerful in that it is a creator-based empire," Datt told Inside Retail. I’m just trying to make ends meet," Kwei told the paper. The controversial story in question had been published by the Post on Saturday and featured comments from a sole paramedic, identified as 23-year-old Lauren Caitlyn Kwei, that had joined OnlyFans to make extra money. The fundraising page also featured a growing number of comments taking shots at the Post from donors.